J!Mate Jeopardy Companion App

In this service design project for Northeastern's Interaction Design 2 course, I designed a mobile companion app for the game show Jeopardy targeted to elders.

jmate logo

The app let's users play along with the game live on their phone. Buzzing in while watching live on TV, the app acts as a remote to pause the show, giving time to answer outloud. As the user self-verifies answer correctness, the app keeps track of current game winnings. There is also functionality to go back and play any episode from Jeopardy's massive archive of over 50 years.

The app easily helps elders who are already in the habit of watching Jeopardy stay more engaged with the show. In addition to making the show more interactive and challenging, the app makes Jeopardy a bit more social.

Players can invite friends to play along as well as share questions with other contacts they have within the app. With the ability to share questions, the app gives elders another option to spark more casual conversation with their long-distance family members.

user profile screenshotepisode archive screenshot